BlockCell - Cryptocurrency Hub

BlockCell is the Cell of your whole Crypto world, your Cryptocurrency Hub!

Track your Exchange based Coins, BTC addresses and Ethereum – NEO based tokens (automatically explore BTC balances and ERC20 and Neo related tokens based on the given addresses).

Therefor, with BlockCell you can have a full overview of almost the majority of your crypto portfolio (exchange based coins, bitcoin addresses and Ethereum and Neo tokens)! 


BlockCell is a cryptocurrency management app that gives you the opportunity to access your entire portfolio investment!

The basic idea originated from the need of having a Cryptocurrency Hub through which Cryptocurrency community can track anything related to the world of crypto (couns, addresses, tokens, airdrops, ICOs, articles, reviews etc).

Therefore, we anticipate BlockCell to become the central point where its users will be able to track their entire cryptocurrency portfolio and get informed. It will, also, help you get useful guidance for your next crypto investment moves.

Currently, we support Exchange based Coins, BTC addresses, Ethereum(ERC-20) and NEO address based tokens but our goal is to include almost all types of coins and tokens!

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BlockCell - Cryptocurrency Hub

Ethereum ERC-20 Tokens

Add your ERC-20 public addresses and all the related tokens will be automatically tracked.

Neo Tokens

Add your NEO public addresses and all the related tokens will be automatically tracked.


Get informed with the most up-to-date token airdrops!


BlockCell is the Cell of your whole Crypto world, your Cryptocurrency Hub!

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BlockCell - Cryptocurrency Hub

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BlockCell - Cryptocurrency Hub

The main goal of the BlockCell team is to satisfy the needs of the Crypto community. We are open to new ideas and comments from the community. Therefore, we will be happy to get your suggestions and learn your opinion:

- Send us your suggestions, the features you would like to see and anything else that you think will enrich an application like BlockCell.
- Send us the problems and difficulties you encountered using BlockCell.

We really really appreciate your help and support!

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